Your humidity problem

L’humidité représente un potentiel danger pour la santé humaine et la santé des maçonneries.

Damp may be dangereous

Damp represent a potential danger to your home if not treated rapidly. Indeed, it weakens the thermal insulation and generates significant damage to the masonry. That put in danger its stability.

It is important to know that damp also affects human health, directly or indirectly. It can cause or exacerbate respiratory problems like cough, or more serious, asthma.

To get rid of your moisture problem, it is necessary to eliminate it at the source. It may be due to condensation, infiltration (water damage), or capillary rise (ascent of soil water vapor in the walls).

Here are some symptoms that can call to mind :

  • Destruction of wall and floor coatings: blistered paintwork and tapestry, swollen baseboards and water-damaged wooden floors.
  • Crumbling walls, plaster and coating.
  • Decaying wainscoting (staircase, beams…), with the development of dried and rotten fungi.
  • Spreading of mould.
  • Appearance of saltpetre and whitish, fibrous deposit caused by mineral salts present in the water.

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