Renovate dried infrastructure

Capillary rise highly damages facades but also indoor premises. More than a mere solution to your humidity problem, Build4.0 provides you with a global solution for the preservation of buildings, including a comprehensive renovation solution.

Healthy living space that lasts in time

When installing our drying solution, on-site assessment is the occasion for us to recommend an adequate ventilation system. The aim of such a system is, on the one hand, to optimise the drying process and, on the other hand, to ensure the sustainable sanitation of space. According to your wishes, we proceed to the installation of this ventilation system.

A thorough restoration of space

Beyond drying your building infrastructure and material, we guide you in restoring water-damaged spaces. Spanning from the rehabilitation of outdoor facades to walls, floors and indoor ceilings, we handle your renovation project from start to finish, in full compliance with both your expectations and your property assets’ authenticity.

Professional experts

After drafting your requirements specification, we initiate, follow-up and manage your renovation work. Our services extend their relevance across all key trades (masonry, house painting, craftsmanship, carpentry, tiling, electricians, climate engineering, partition walls, etc.).
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Preserveheritage and real estate

We intervene in full compliance with your property assets’ integrity. Our drying, non-invasive, reversible, solution does not need any masonry works: the buildings’ structure is completely preserved. By eliminating capillary rise, we protect the structure of a risk of embrittlement and contribute to the property conservation. Renovating and optimizing your spaces, we strive to preserve and enhance your property assets.