Optimising property assets

Our drying and renovation systems turns the premises we intervene on into new functional spaces. Given the current real estate market, this optimisation of conversionable space stands as a highly valued property asset. Build4.0 remains by your side to better optimise any newly revealed premises.

Indoor architecture consultancy

Benefit from our architectural expertise in terms of decoration and interior design, to increase the value of optimised spaces. Make most of our high value-added advice for your site’s aesthetic aspect, according to its typology, your expectations and the purposes of use.

Optimisation experts

With extensive experience in real estate valuation, our architects come up with proposals that meet the optimisation needs of space, by taking into account your site as a whole, along with your requirements. Together, we breathe a new purpose into infrastructure: creation of archives, sports rooms, cafeterias, work or living spaces, meeting facilities or screening rooms, concierge services… We open up the field of possibilities!

Customised follow-up

Each technical, architectural and real estate issue has its own specifics. Therefore, we ensure a customized advice and follow-up for each project. Throughout all our interventions, you are always accompanied by a unique and privileged interlocutor who stays by your side to help you tackle all issues relating to your project.

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