Innovative drying system

To permanently eliminate capillary rise, we apply the innovative PROsystem drying solution. Simple, non-invasive, eco-friendly and fast, this high-end technology has now proven its worth for over 15 years. Build4.0 sets it all up, takes on the drying phase, and accompanies you throughout the entire rehabilitation process.

A process at the brink of innovation

Our solution stands by the principle of electro-osmosis, and has the aim of modifying the electromagnetic fields that exist in walls affected by capillary rise. The principle is as simple as it is effective: our device generates a very weak electromagnetic shielding that reverses the rising moisture’s path, sending water back down into the soil. Assessed and approved as compliant with EU standards (EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-1), the process is entirely harmless when it comes to health hazards.

Electro-osmosis: our solution generates very weak electromagnetic shielding to block capillary rise.
Electro-osmosis: the Build4.0 solution generates very weak electromagnetic shielding to block capillary rise.

Construction works, water damages and floods

Our solution can also be adapted to the treatment of humidity. The water required during construction and refurbishment works, as well as the water contained in the foundation will be evacuated much faster through the ground.
After water damages and/or floods, we are able to dry wet surfaces, by throwing residual water back to the ground.

A discreet solution

Our solution consists of a simple case connected to an earthed socket, placed on or fixed to a water-damaged area with no need for masonry works. Taking up very little space, the device’s transmission range can spread across its surrounding area from 100 m2 up to several thousand square meters, depending on the installed version. It can cross through walls and partitions, expect for metal barriers (garage doors, steel tanks…), and is effective even in the event of a power shortage thanks to its spare batteries.

Boîtier Build

Assets of the Build4.0 solution

  • Fast drying
  • A large drying radius, covering most of a building’s walls, beams and floors
  • A discreet and silent, easy-to-install case with low energy consumption (4.5 to 6.8 W/h)
  • A non-destructive solution with no need for masonry works
  • A fully eco-friendly solution that is harmless to occupants
  • 10-year guarantee

Fast and sustainable drying phase

The first results of drying are visible as early as the 2nd week upon setting up the device, with genuine improvements that can be expected under 6 weeks, confirmed by the disappearance of smell caused by humidity. The duration of the drying phase can vary, depending on the type of wall (material, porosity, thickness) and surrounding environment (temperature, air humidity). Space renovation works can generally start after 3 to 6 months of drying. Once installed, the case ensures functionality that lasts in time to prevent any further moisture.

Reduce maintenance and heating expenses caused by moisture.

Our drying solution works on both building’s longevity and energy consumption. Indeed, improving wall’s etancheity and insulation participates in facilitating heating, and therefore lowering your energy bill by 20 to 25%. On the other hand, you will save maintenance fees usually caused by humidity. Dried and ventilated, your buildings will become durably wholesome and energy-efficient.

We intervene step by step

  1. Free diagnosis

    Our technical expert assesses the building site to identify any capillary rise, measures the degree of humidity, elaborates a site plan.

  2. Diagnosis assessment & Solution

    Implementation of the Build4.0 solution.

  3. Auto-tracking

    A meter allows the easy control of the drying process, as well as its computer-based tracking.

  4. Control

    3 months later, our expert comes to assess and measure on-site improvements in person.

  5. Rehabilitation/Renovation

    Once the infrastructure is sufficiently dry, we accompany you for its renovation and optimisation.

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