Three-fold expertise to tackle moisture problems

Gathering engineers and architects alike around the issues of moisture and real estate valorisation, Build4.0 handles your humidity problem as a whole, comprising drying, renovation and space optimisation.


Drying humid spaces

We treat humid surfaces struck by capillary rise using the PROsystem drying solution, as part of a premium partnership in France and six European countries (Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal). As an easy-to-install, non-invasive and eco-friendly solution, this innovative process has proven its worth among many references over the last 15 years.


Renovating dried spaces

Our expertise stretches beyond our drying solution, helping you assess future renovations in order to bring new space optimisation potentials to light.


Optimising property assets

We provide you with our architectural expertise and property asset experience, to optimise your useful spaces. We accompany you for the design and study of spaces, interior architecture, land use and decoration, according to the infrastructure’s typology as well as its destination of use.

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