Developed fifteen years ago in Croatia, the PROsystem drying technology stands strong with an impressive portfolio of references, with over 10,000 devices installed in Europe. Build4.0 provides you with this fast and sustainable solution that has already proven its effectiveness.

GRDF’s headquarters in Paris.
GRDF’s headquarters in Paris.

Our Paris Office premises date back to the XIXth century, and many of their square meters were not sustainably useable because of capillary action caused by humidity. With a combination of traditional ventilation and heating techniques, the Build4.0 solution has dried 600 m2 of basement surface, converting these meters into perfectly clean spaces, which we have now turned into meeting facilities.
I witnessed these uncomfortable, damp and even unhealthy spaces become more and more dry, healthy and useable. There lies the great strength of Build4.0: they sustainably turn the reduction of moisture within walls into conversionable square meters, which is particularly precious for optimising highly valued real estate, as can be found in Paris.»

Eric Allain, Head of Property Assets at GRDF
Pula (Croatie) Amphithéâtre de Pula
Pula (Croatia)
Pula’s amphitheater
Vienne (Autriche) Immeuble du 18e
18th century building
Londres Cathédrale de Southwark
Southwark Cathedral
Venise (Italie) Eglise San Michele in Isola
Church of San Michele in Isola
Elseneur (Danemark) Château de Kronborg
Elsinore (Denmark)
Kronborg Castle
Sarajevo (Bosnie-Herzégovine) Théâtre National
National Theatre
Zagreb (Croatie) Hôpital de Vrapće
Zagreb (Croatia)
Vrapče’s hospital
Malte Cathédrale St-Pierre-et-St-Paul de Mdina
Cathedral of St-Peter-and-St-Paul in Mdina
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