Who are we?

Build4.0 innovation is a start-up founded by experienced heads of business, which gathers a dynamic and motivated team of engineers, architects and technicians.

Build Team

Build4.0 has been created by Yadran Begovic, founder of Amsycom, a group constituted of 9 branches, Jacques Bories, former Chief Financial Officer of a large global pharmaceutical group, Ipsen, Maxime Péribère, CEO of ACCESSITE, specialised in commercial real estate and Emilie Juric, Croatian-French DPLG Architect. They are all recognized business men and women in the fields of organization, architecture, finance and real estate. Their sensitivity to the preservation and optimization of heritage led them to start this adventure.

Build4.0 brings together specialists of humidity treatment issues. We entirely take charge of your issues, offering a service adapted to your needs. From the drying to the refurbishment and optimization of your working and living spaces.

Our values

Commitment and belief

Build4.0 extols transparency and sincerity to customers and partners: we commit to reassure, to guide, to support, to educate our clients in everyday life and to say what we do and do what we say. We will also pay a special attention to the needs of our customers and partners.

Ecology and efficiency

We intend to grow in an eco-friendly way. Furthermore, we guarantee a skilled and expertised service. Competence, rigour and expertise of our team will deliver an effective and exemplary service.

Innovation and entrepreneurial will

Our team aims to offer the right solution according to your needs and wishes: innovation is essential to the refurbishment and optimization of your spaces. Our taste for entrepreneurship and innovation is the source of our motivation in this adventure.

Assets of the Build4.0 solution

  • A technical, architectural and real estate expertise
  • A complete architectural expertise in terms of humidity treatment, definitive, fast and on a large drying radius
  • A discreet and silent, easy-to-install case with low energy consumption
  • A non-destructive reversible solution with no need for masonry works
  • A customised follow-up, by a unique contact
15 years’ expertise
10,000+ interventions
across Europe
1st results within 2 to 6
10-year guarantee