A technical and architectural approach

A technical & architectural approach

Bringing together a wealth of expertise, we intervene on the drying, renovation and optimisation of infrastructure struck by moisture issues.


An innovative
drying system

Fast, non-invasive and eco-friendly, our cutting-edge technology ensures the sustainable drying of infrastructure struck by capillary rise, one of the main causes of building moisture.


Renovate your
property assets

We preserve your property as a whole by preventing the degradation of structures, but we also handle the comprehensive renovation of dried out infrastructure.


new space planning

Your dried and refurbished spaces will become new grounds to be put to good use. We will assist you in optimising your rehabilitated property.

15 years’ expertise
10,000+ interventions
across Europe
1st results within 2 to 6
10-year guarantee
There lies the great strength of Build4.0: they sustainably turn the reduction of moisture within walls into conversionable square meters, which is particularly precious for optimising highly valued real estate, as can be found in Paris.»
Eric Allain, Head of Property Assets at GRDF